Iridium Antenna RST715 For Your Iridium 9555

Among the best accessories that you receive is the Iridium Antenna RST715 if you have an Iridium 9555 satellite mobile phone. This specialized antenna is made to work wonderfully for terrain-based purposes. This antenna could also be used for other Iridium satellite phones and Iridium dependent devices.

The Antenna RST715 package has attachments and cables that are needed for your antenna to work properly. This antenna is easy to work with since it designed to easily be removed and refitted.

Important Features That You Should Know About hiring an Iridium 9555 Antenna RST715:

Iridium authorized – with this antenna, you do not have to worry yourself if it works properly with your Iridium 9555 satellite mobile phone since the antenna is authorized to work by the Iridium maker itself.

Durable – this antenna is specially built to be challenging and durable. The primary purpose of the antenna is to withstand harsh environments. This is a excellent feature to have especially if you are in the outback. You will have the peace of mind this antenna will work as intended if you need it to. Furthermore, the antenna is made from aluminum casting, helping it last for longer years.

Small – the Iridium 9555 Antenna RST715 is lightweight and small so that you can easily store them anywhere. It does not weight much so you may effortlessly carry them around with you.

Warranty – this antenna comes with a one year warranty. Should you found this antenna faulty or not working as intended inside of 12 months of purchase, you are able to claim your warranty.

Convenient – using this antenna is very easy. It really is especially designed so that you can easily remove it or re-fit it. There is no necessity for complicated instruments. A great attribute to have particularly if you are in the outback and access for certain tools might be limited.

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