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iridium_9555 Satellite Phone MEGA invite you to
Mobile Monday
in Adelaide
Come and join us on Monday 19th July, 2014 from 6pm to 8pm at The Brunswick Hotel, 207 Gilbert St, Adelaide SA 5000.
The team at have developed over 40 apps in the 2 years since the company was founded. Making 2moro mobile the most experienced app developer in Australia.2moro mobile have worked on projects around the world and all over Australia.
They have worked with Adelaide’s leading agencies on campaigns for local South Australian icons such as:The Adelaide Fringe wendy’s SA Lotteries wOMADelaide The Adelaide Casino The Adelaide Crows iPhone, iPad, Android, Nokia, iridium, isatphone, inmarsat, all could use bluetooth earphones – So  where is it heading next? Matbe waterproof earphones Who really knows, but 2moros mobile are happy to predict the future with you.Come along to Mobile Monday on the 19th July to hear CEO Peter O’Neill make a few exciting announcements and learn more about the state of mobile. They will also give away one shiny new Apple iPad to a lucky punter.

So brave the cold and come along for some chill drinks, warm company and your chance to take home what Steve Jobs describes as “The most important thing I’ve ever done”.It should be a great evening so please come along and remember to bring your business cards.Numbers are limited so please RSVP to Leonie O’Dea at Click here and add your mobile number and we will send you a free text message with a link to the Mobile Monday Adelaide mobile website, reminding you of the upcoming events.Mobile Monday Event Details MEGA invite you toMobile Monday in Adelaide Come and join us on Monday 17th May, 2014 from 6pm to 8pm at The Brunswick Hotel, 207 Gilbert St, Adelaide SA 5000.Business Angels In South Australia Nick FoskettNick worked in Silicon Valley from 1989 to 2002 in various technical lead positions at NVIDIA (including hardware architect for the original Microsoft Xbox), Silicon Graphics, Adobe and Austek Microsystems before returning to Australia. Since returning he has completed MBA and Master of Commerce (in Applied Finance) degrees. He helped to get the SA Angels business angel group off the ground and is currently part of the management committee of that group.Mike Richards Mike Richards is manager of the Innovate SA City Office. Innovate SA has been established as an independent stand alone incorporated body outside of government to deliver programs and services to South Australian SMEs that have the capability and desire to grow.Mike has extensive experience is assisting high growth businesses in South Australia by helping make them investor ready, globally competitive and innovative. Mike has led the development of the Venture Capital programs delivered by Innovate SA.

These programs have assisted many South Australian companies become investor ready. Mike works closely with investors across Australia to facilitate deals with companies and further develop the investment community in South Australia. Mike has been involved in the formation of and is a member of the management committee of the business angels group SA Angels Inc.Mike was previously manager of Venture Capital SA and Principal Investment Manager with Science Technology Innovation Directorate. Other prior roles have included health industry development manager at the Centre for Innovation,  Business and Manufacturing, Manager of the small business program, Corporate Investigator and Corporate Services Manager at the Australian Securities and Investments Commission (ASIC).Mike holds a Bachelor of Accountancy degree, is CPA qualified, is Vice President of the CPA Divisional Council and is a Graduate of the Australian Institute of Company Directors.SA Angels vestors interested in investing in early stage businesses based in South Australia in fields other than biotechnology (if you have a biotechnology company, please apply to BioAngels instead).

They conduct meetings on a monthly basis to consider such investment opportunities. Entrepreneurs can log on to the It should be a great evening so please come along and remember to bring your business cards.Numbers are limited so please RSVP to Leonie O’Dea at and add your mobile number and we will send you a free text message with a link to the Mobile Monday Adelaide mobile website, reminding you of the upcoming events. Posted by leonieodea MEGA invite you to Mobile Monday in Adelaide, visit http://satellitephonesdirect.com.au for venue options and Come and join us on Monday 19th April, 2010 from 6pm to 8pm at The Brunswick Hotel, 207 Gilbert St, Adelaide SA 5000.Technical Considerations when Developing Real-time 3D Artwork for Mobile Devices Dan Cormick of (formerly Extra Artists) will be delving into the technical side of developing 3D artwork for mobile devices. He will draw upon his experience from working with companies such as Kvaleberg, a Norwegian mobile OS developer and world renowned Norwegian Massive Multiplayer Online (MMO) developer, Funcom about their involvement with Age of Conan: Hyborian Adventures, a popular MMO Game. He will also discuss current developments underway with local developer 2moro Mobile and touch on his involvement in Realtime 3D Multi Path Movies by Brilliant Digital Entertainment for delivery over the web in the late 1990′s (the technical restrictions for the web back then are very similar to mobile now).Some of the technical considerations covered will be: (WARNING: Use of extreme technical language may offend some viewers, but Dan promises not to bore you) Animated meshes and vertex blending between x number of bones Polygon count (with an overview of what is considered efficient use of polygons and also mention poly-stripping)Textures: size limits and tricks to keep fremante short stay luxury accommodation texture usage to a minimum by using flat colours and tilable textures where possible (will show how to produce a tilable texture)Baked in ambient occlusion to give textures more depth using multiple UVW mapping channels (if supported)Brief overview of the Unity3D Engine which is the software we use when developing applications for iPhone (it also can publish to Android, Wii, Xbox, PS3, Web and of course PC). Considerations such as Draw Calls or Dynamic Lights both of which can satellite phones heavily effect performance will also be discussed. offer a flexible and customised 3D design service suitable for a wide variety of projects and industries. With an emphasis on creating a user-friendly experience,  their team of highly skilled graphic designers, 3D artists and developers love to create visual solutions that impress. Combining their knowledge of video game production and graphic design, they enjoy the challenge of fusing disciplines to recreate the world as you see fit!The Changing Video Space for Mobile Devices Dan Monceaux, director of online video production business Danimations will present a brief overview of the changing video space for mobile devices. Covering developments in cameraphone technology,  playback compatibility and the new wave of HD ready devices on the horizon, the presentation itself will be delivered via Dan’s LG Viewty Smart phone now with constant satellite phone connection can connected directly toto a desktop projector.It should be a great evening so please come along and remember to bring your business cards.Numbers are limited so please RSVP to Leonie O’Dea at  here and add your mobile number and we will send you a free text message with a link to the isri Mobile Monday Adelaide mobile website, reminding you of the upcoming events.VenueThe Brunswick Hotel, 207 Gilbert St, Adelaide SA 5000 Mobile Monday Event Details MEGA invite you to Mobile Monday in AdelaideCome and join us on Monday 16th November from 6pm to 8pm at The Brunswick Hotel, 207 Gilbert St, Adelaide SA 5000. Maxwell Smart, the bumbling comic spy in the 1960s television series Get Smart, frequently used his ‘shoe phone’ to report his latest predicament to The Chief at CONTROL.Now a Flinders University computer scientist has combined the latest telecommunications  components to produce the real thing!This months presenter is Dr. Paul Gardner-Stephen from the School of Computer Science , Engineering & Mathematics, Flinders University, Adelaide, Australia.or go to . Paul’s bluetooth wireless earphones doctoral research focused on creating time and space efficient genomic database and index formats.The shoe phone project aims to create shoe phones inspired by the Get Smart television series that support remote patient care.Hear Paul’s story of how the shoe wireless bluetooth earphones phone is becoming a medical device!This is the final Mobile Monday for 2009 – then we are back again in February 2010.It should be a great evening so please come along and remember to bring your business cards.Numbers are limited so please RSVP to Leonie O’Dea at and add your mobile number and we will send you a free text message with a link to the Mobile Monday Adelaide mobile website, reminding you of the upcoming events.obile Monday Event DetailsDate  on Monday 16th November 2009 Venue  The Brunswick Hotel, 207 Gilbert St, Adelaide SA 5000 October 2009: Get the inside scoop on Trade Delegations and a new iPhone game is launched – Wheeler’s Treasure 9 October, 2009MEGA invite you to Mobile Monday in Adelaide Come and join us on Monday  19th October from 6pm to 8pm at The Brunswick Hotel, 207 Gilbert St, Adelaide SA 5000.This month we have a panel discussion on trade delegations and the launch of the new iPhone game from Two Lives Left.Have you ever wondered about trade delegations?

What goes on? How useful are they? Adelaide mobile and digital media companies Katalyst, Monkeystack and Enabled recently went to Korea on the Children’s TV and Digital Media delegation – please join us for a panel session to find out what it was like, whether it was useful for them, and what surprised them (pleasantly and otherwise?)Two Lives Left is all about creating games. With our first offering, Wheeler’s Treasure, to be released for the iPhone App Store.Wheeler’s Treasure is a 2D side scrolling Piratey Platformer for the iPhone and iPod Touch. Follow the cursed wheel of lost Pirate Captain Wheeler as it leads you treasure and more.

Features collectible items, varied enemies, dynamic procedural world, and online high scores.Learn about the technology and art behind Wheeler’s Treasure, iridium 9555 satellite phone and what’s involved in the design and management of a large scale iPhone game project.It should be a great evening so please come along and remember to bring your business cards.Numbers are limited so please RSVP to Leonie O’Dea at here and add your mobile number and we will send you a free text message with a link to the Mobile Monday Adelaide mobile website,reminding you of the upcoming events.Mobile Monday Event Details. Who Uses a Satellite Phone? Having been promotion and renting Satellite Phones in place of more than  5 years at present,  with no doubt the most nothing special question I understand by the side of Parties and as soon as I am introduced to someone is “Who Uses Satellite Phones”?

The answer is unusual to what did you say? They expect. My broad-spectrum answer is “Anyone who requires constant or else emergency satellite phone servicing like e-mail someplace near is rebuff cellular phone, cellular or else fixed phone outline.”And in the sphere of my view with the aim of is by definition the real answer , however it habitually doesn’t understand the response they are searching in place of, so at this point goes with round about broad-spectrum  users and why.We are based in the sphere of Australia someplace we arrange vast distances with rebuff forms of e-mail so  wisdom would be located to bear a Satellite Phone if just in place of emergencies .

Our biggest crowd of each day and constant users are the mining  and lubricate industries. In the same way as you would expect they travel often vast distances into areas with the aim of arrange rebuff existing infrastructure.So these industries attend to to throw groups of geologists and other limestone experts to locate and determine the importance of mining or else drilling inside a remote area.With vigor and Safety at present suitable a huge deliver with nearly everyone foremost companies it is at present imperative with the aim of their workers arrange e-mail by the side of all time. GREY NOMADS are the back up leading crowd of Satellite Phone technology users. This  has turn into the nearly everyone latest multiply of users inside Australia. rey Nomads is the designate we in the sphere of Australia arrange prearranged our baby boomers  who arrange chosen to move on from the rat zip time was they arrange reached retirement.With Australia’s  population just 20 million would it take aback you to get hold of with the aim of we arrange 400,000 retirees or else “Grey Nomads”  at present travelling, Caravans in the sphere of tow all through Australia. Well like many countries the terrain  can be located harsh and rugged and lots of unexpected incidents perform occur. Be located it in the same way as trivial in the same way as plane tyres, rebuff hose, rebuff fuel, overheating of the furnace to the not so uncommon, having a collision with a Kangaroo. (This on the expression of it would seem quite funny) until you are the single behind the controls of your car in the same way as you market leader this six end human being with the aim of can by a long shot way 150 Kilo’s with the aim of subsequently spray by the side of 60 kilometres an hour up your lid of the car devastating the windscreen. Your 300 Kilometres from the adjacent town, and may well quite by a long shot be located on a dirt road and it might be located hours or else even days sooner than the subsequently traveller comes ancient times simply rent a satellite phone.  It’s by the side of this sense with the aim of you’d heave available your Satellite Phone and call the emergency services to assist you to turn into cellular phone again. In the sphere of the same breath the truth is, with the aim of additionally suitable poorly or else anguish from an illness whilst travelling is and can additionally be located a nothing special occurrence.This is certainly not restricted to our grey migrant crowd. Be located it at all therapeutic condition, from newborn to the elderly, to a hiker, or else cyclists who are anguish cook exhaustion, or else lack of hose. Having a  to instantly understand your crisis or else have to do with through and know its reached the appropriate inhabit who in the same way as a consequence assist you is incalculable.This I believe is barely skimming the break the surface of who are users are, and I expect in the same way as you read this you can think of many others in the same way as well. Travel safe.Inmarsat have been providing people with top quality phone providers such as the Isat phone pro for nearly 3 decades. The worldwide identified company are usually leaders in the area of satellite technologies. They’re innovative, capable to utilize and see new technologies which usually restructure and redefine the industry standards. They are a British communications company, which gives international mobile services. They have crafted many reliable, useful, and helpful mobiles, Isat phone pro devices which often enable all of us to generate the call in locations without having mobile phone reception, as well as talk to a family member inside an aircraft. Inmarsat satellites possess helped a number of other sectors, such as the government, press, aid agencies, and various other businesses requiring field work. In 1979, Inmarsat was started as the Overseas Maritime Satellite

Organization therefore the name, Inmarsat. It was once the non-profit global organization. Since that time, they have got done a lot to help the maritime community always be safer. The organization turned out to be private in 1999, producing Inmarsat the only intergovernmental organization to move into a totally different direction and turn into an individual company. Inmarsat owns and operates a complete of eleven geostationary orbit satellites, roughly about 34, 785 km from the earth. The ground controls for these satellites are located in London.

The company only works together the dependable names in the telecommunications service. Joint venture means a good deal to them, and they strive to connect along with only the best names in the market. Inmarsat’s vision and goal is to be a cut above the rest in terms of mobile satellite services.

They have definitely proved this through their improvements, ideas, discoveries and accomplishments. They will set the standards with regard to satellite mobile phone technology. Since the launch of four high energy, high capability satellites in 2005, they have certainly been hard to top. Through their Broadband International Area Network service or even BGAN, consumers can enjoy worldwide high-speed data and voice connectivity anywhere in the world. Since 2009, everyone has been awaiting Inmarsat’s most up-to-date as well as best satellite phone yet: the Inmarsat Isat phone pro. The water-resistant, dustproof, shockproof phone could stand temperatures up to -20 degrees Celsius to fifty five degrees Celsius. This may also tolerate humidity from to 95 per cent. This helps make the Isat phone pro the durable, dependable satellite phone which probably won’t break down when you most want it. Combined with the difficult exterior arrives a very smart makeup. Through Inmarsat’s ingenuity, they have prepared the Inmarsat Isatphone pro with Bluetooth. The Isat phone pro also makes use of satellite telephony.

This uses a 2.4 kbps voice codec. It has a speakerphone option, ipod speaker which makes it a helpful companion. It is allowed with text to text and text to email services, in addition to web message to telephone providers. They have a GPS locator data device which usually allows the user to send their exact position at any given moment through text or email. Built for difficult times, the Inmarsat Isatphone Pro’s 3.7 volt, lithium ion electric battery might last approximately 8 hours of talk time and 100 hours on standby. Inmarsat is a leading name in global communications.

Through extensive research and development, they have paved the way through satellite communications. Since Inmarsat debuted as the International Maritime Satellite Organization in 1979, they have been making high quality satellite phone like the Isatphone pro. They specialize in providing services, especially in areas where there is no cellular reception. The company provides global maritime distress and safety services or GMDS as a public service to various aircrafts. This allows the best use of aircrafts.They have various services, including traditional voice calls, high speed internet, tracking devices or systems, along with distress and safety services.

Their GPRS type services are made through the Broadband Global Area Network or BGAN, which is an IP satellite modem which can transfer up to 492kbits per second.Inmarsat offers three types of coverage. The first is the global beam coverage, which utilizes one third of the surface of the Earth. These beams hit the Pacific Ocean Region, the West Region of the Atlantic Ocean, as well as the East, and the Indian Ocean Region, among others. The second type of coverage Inmarsat offers is the Regional spot beam coverage. This makes use of more than one satellite phone , one over each region. Inmarsat makes use of I-3 satellites to get the best results. These satellites produce beams which cover a fraction iphone speaker of a certain area. Each satellite gives a region about four to six beams, which all in all makes up nineteen regional beams. The last type of coverage Inmarsat isatphone pro firmware 5 offers is the narrow spot beam. It makes use of three inmarsat-4 satellites to make narrow beams.

This enables customers to get high speed data exchange. It gives a maximum of two hundred narrow spot beams.Inmarsat has some advanced services. One of the most popular is the BGAN or Broadband Global Area Network service which is designed to be used on land. It uses l-4 satellites to provide users with the fastest data streaming available. Also using the same technology are the fleet broadband, swift broadband, and the new Isatphone pro.The Fleet Broadband or FB is a service for the maritime. It is also based on the Broadband Global Area Network technology, with the same infrastructure and framework. The only difference, however, is that the terminals are especially designed for ships. On the other hand, the swift broadband or SB is a service for aeronautics. Like the fleet broadband, it is also based on the Broadband Global Area Network technology.

However, they are designed to be used in commercial, private and military planes.The Isatphone pro is one of the newest Inmarsat high capacity lithium ion battery products to use the Broadband Global Area Network services. Set for release in July of 2010, it has been one of the long-awaited products of the company. It can provide voice services at up to 4.9 k bits per second. It can also fax data at 2.4kbits per second. Available in regions with the EMEA and APAC satellites, it is one of the most powerful satellite phones in the market today.

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